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           and his wife DR. Viktoria

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Pastor Ken Richardson accepted Christ when he was 11 years old and has been running for the Lord ever since. He immediately began serving in various ministries, all of which have helped him grow spiritually.  In pursuit of his passion, he sought to sharpen his gift. Excelling as a student, he began developing curriculum and teaching,

As a result of his passion for seeing God's people realize their potential, he has brought hope and inspired thousands of people along the east coast. Pastor Ken continues to positively influence saints and sinners alike at local schools and throughout the community providing crisis intervention, life coaching, and spiritual leadership.

In March of 2014, Ken and his wife, Viktoria, packed up their home in NC and went to Philadelphia in response to God's command.  On July 10th of 2016, they opened the doors of The Neighborhood Church. Those doors in South Philly eventually opened up to the nations the ministry of The Neighborhood Church, leading to the establishment of the churches and fellowships in Kenya, Africa.

Ken's desire is to assist people in their journey to salvation and sanctification while fulfilling God's plan for their lives. 

Dr. Viktoria Taylor-Richardson, above all, is a true worshiper of the most high God, with a passion and an anointing for presenting the gospel through the beauty of creative arts.  Dr. Viktoria serves as a pastor, evangelist, church planter, and missionary who does work in Kenya, Uganda, Israel, India, and Haiti.  Dr. Viktoria has a passion for orphans and missions.

Viktoria is a published author,  "Go Ye....Fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION" and " Music Box of Memories-Trusting God Through Miscarriage".

She also serves as the founder and CEO of KingdomNOW.  KingdomNOW has several components to include: mentoring discipleship program, an intensive arts camp, dance classes, theatrical Christian productions, book publishing, and more.

Dr. Viktoria is known for her accomplishments as director and producer of numerous dance productions. She graced the stage of New York, dancing on Broadway with the 'Ailey Extension' - Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Pastor Ken and Viktoria have been married for the past 17 years as of March 2022. They have one daughter, Taylor.

Pastor Ken was Licensed in 1995 and Ordained in 2001. Viktoria was Licensed in 2001 and Ordained in 2005.

Pastor Ken Richardson

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